5 Mind-Numbingly Boring SEO Processes You Absolutely Must Outsource Avoid these boring sero tasks

Tom Hunt from tripleseo.com reveals the 5 seo tasks that he really dislikes. His solution to getting these tasks completed is to avoid them at all costs. Just kidding, Tom is not a slacker but a master of efficiency and productivity.  His recommendation is to get rid of the tasks you do not want to do. You know which ones I mean. The tasks that are necessary in every seo project but are real tedious, monotonous, dreary and provide little in the way of learning.

The answer to getting the needed work completed and without having to actually do any work is to outsource these seo tasks that are repulsive.  With the combination of the right people to fulfill the needed work demands and a well-written process of instruction and procedure you will be amazed at what can be accomplished.

You now have the time to focus on the parts of seo you prefer while the suckers are doing the boring stuff. Seriously though, delegating as needed and when it makes sense does more for your productivity than you can imagine. Follow Tom’s guidance and see your seo projects running smoothly and efficiently. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

This is not an SEO blog post.

As a follower of, in my opinion one of the most direct and hard-hitting SEO blogs around today, I am assuming that you know how to do the basics.

In fact, you probably know the basics better than I do…

By I would still argue that some of my SEO results match or even surpass yours.

How? I hear you cry…

Through leveraging skilled, reliable and affordable talent.

Yes, I’m here to talk about how you can pay around $4-5 per hour to have your most mundane and tedious SEO tasks not only outsourced, but performed more effectively than you can yourself.

We are going to go through each of these 5 tasks and I am going to explain exactly how you package them up and hand them over to an offshore resource that has only basic online marketing/SEO knowledge.

The process to outsource each group of tasks task follows the same basic structure. After six years of outsourcing the majority of the processes in my online businesses and roles in the corporate world, I have found that this is the most effective method…

Remember, repetition is the mother of skill.

Identify Outsource-able Tasks

There are “outsource-able” tasks and “non-outsource-able” tasks.

Those that are outsource-able, have 2 or more of the following characteristics:

  • Are repeatable
  • Don’t require face to face communication
  • Are time consuming
  • Are boring

I have listed the tasks that exhibit these characteristics for each of the 5 mind-numbingly boring SEO processes shown below.

Perform Outsource-able Tasks in a Manageable and Repeatable Fashion

Now, if there is one thing to take from this blog post, this is it…

EVERY task that you outsource must be performed by yourself prior to outsourcing.

Doing so enables you to both optimise the process and understand the amount of time required for each task.

Create Working Procedures

Read Work The System by Sam Carpenter.

He managed to turn his business from shambles to a well-oiled systemised machine by creating reproducible processes in each department, I would recommend doing the same.

As you perform the tasks outlined above, record everything you do in a Working Procedure (Google Doc) that includes all credentials, images and templates that are included in the process, here is the template that I use. For absolute clarity you can also use screen recording technology to create videos showing you performing complex tasks, I use Screencast-O-Matic.

When complete, you now have an electronic handbook for guest posting, which can by iterated by your outsourced team member over time.

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