Toronto SEO Expert Interviewed Get the top tips that seo pros always use

In an article posted on, 12 seo experts provided their best tips for seo success. Of the 12 experts, each provided a single tip that they considered the most important. For our contribution, we interviewed J. Clayton, seo expert –, based in Toronto, ON, Canada. He provided his number one tip that all aspiring and advanced seo practitioners can benefit from.  You will love this tactic because the other seo experts did not even hint at the idea. Brace yourself. Don’t worry, it’s not blackhat.

Here are the 12 tips provided by search engine optimization experts interviewed for the article:

  1. Create Trust – says Matt McGee, the Editor-in-Chief at Search Engine Land and Marekting Land. Matt takes a page from Steph Covey, the author and states, “Focus on creating trust through everything you do online and offline,”.
  2. Produce Virality – is Rand Fishkin’s recommendation. Create content that gets shared and creates buzz and conversation within your market.
  3. TEST – is what Ryan Stewart believes in because seo success begins with analytics, so experiment and test all the time.
  4. Answer Questions – from Adam Heitzman. Adam says that if you want to rank for a keyword phrase, you must answer questions about it. This may seem simplistic but how often do you see FAQ pages being neglected?
  5. Say It – insists Ben Holland, from Google voice search capabilities are improving in leaps and bounds an d therefore should you multiply efforts in your voice search seo.
  6. Understand Customers – Aleyda Solis, Founder, Orainti feels that without understanding the core needs and mindset of your customer, how could you serve them best?
  7. Understand People – Will Reynolds, the Founder and CEO of SEER Interactive takes understanding a step further then Aleyda Solis. Will recommends that you learn about people as a whole. He wants you to think about their habits, needs and motivations.
  8. Choose Keywords Wisely – Andy Beal recommends that you focus on the keywords that people use to get to your site. It is smart to speak on the topic as a whole and not get bogged down in details all the time but remember that search engines respond to the keyword phrase first.
  9. Make It About Them Not You – Duane Forrester, at adds the personal touch to seo. He refers to managing clients that have high expectations but have no patience to see the seo campaign succeed. A supportive relationship with the client works wonders.
  10. Become The Expert – is John Rampton’s advice. Once expertise is achieved he advises to go out there and help as many as possible. This is done by creating amazing content that adds value to the seo profession.
  11. Search and Social – CTO from, Dennis Yu says that many seo pros neglect the social media side of seo. He advises that seo professionals begin conversations on the social media space and promote these conversations. Have a pro-active approach to reaching out to others in the industry.
  12. Publish Amazing Content – CEO, AudienceBloom, Jayson DeMers puts his energy and focus on providing the best content because this content is then bolstered by a social media campaign.

There you have it. The top 12 tips from seo experts who work in differing roles, which provides a different perspective of seo.


Now for the bonus tip from J. Clayton, head seo at He recommends that seo strategy and implementation begin before a website is built. Before creating the code for the site or installing a content management system such as WordPress, you must design and plan the silo structure of the site.

Silo structure is the creation of specific categories and pages that help the search engines navigate the site more easily as all content is situated in compartments. This takes care of 80% of onpage seo.

We hope you have enjoyed these tips. If you would like to add to the list, please contact us.

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